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Altona Energy: Joins Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute as Foundation Member

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Altona Energy Plc, the AIM listed Australian based energy company, is pleased to announce that it has become a Foundation Member of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (‘the Global CCS Institute’), a worldwide organisation focussed on accelerating the commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage (‘CCS’) projects and the promotion of the global reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Amongst others, 23 national governments including all the G8 are Foundation Members.
The Company’s Arckaringa Coal to Liquids and Power project (‘the Arckaringa Project’) has been designed to be ‘CCS Ready’ with carbon capture technology included as an integral feature of its planned specifications. The final stage of the project’s Bankable Feasibility Study for a 10 million barrel per year Coal to Liquid (‘CTL’) plant with a 560 MW co-generation power facility will incorporate extensive development work on the technical and economic aspects of CCS, as well as other measures to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
Altona Managing Director Chris Schrape said, “To be a member of a worldwide organisation focussed on the reduction of global carbon emissions will greatly assist us in the effective deployment of CCS technology at our Arckaringa Project, a key aspect of our work during the final stage of the Bankable Feasibility Study to minimise the environmental impact of the planned facility.
“The Global CCS Institute recognises the economic significance of developments such as the Arckaringa Project and is committed to building confidence in the technologies involved to ensure that fossil fuels can continue to contribute to our energy demands in a greener future. We look forward to working actively alongside leading figures in the field and will undoubtedly benefit from sharing knowledge and expertise with other members.”
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