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Gemcom Delivers End-to-End Software Solution for Coal and Other Stratified Deposits with Release of Gemcom Minex 6.0

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions, announce the release of Gemcom Minex(TM) 6.0, the only integrated end-to-end mining software specifically designed for coal and other stratified deposits such as lignite, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore, and platinum. Minex fully integrates all aspects of mining from exploration through rehabilitation, ensuring that resources are evaluated accurately and mined efficiently, improving productivity and profitability throughout the mining lifecycle.
“Minex provides us with an integrated system for surveying, modelling, planning, and blast design so we can manipulate data and interchange information freely. Any kind of manual re-entry always opens up room for error; the same holds true if you’re exchanging data electronically between systems with incompatible formats. Minex helps us avoid these risks,” said Steven Sides, vice president of technical services, Carbones del Cerrejón. “Minex helps Cerrejón develop effective mine plans that can be utilised to make prudent business decisions. It gives us an important edge as we compete with other producers around the world. We are only as good as the vendors that serve us, and Cerrejón is very fortunate to partner with a company like Gemcom.”
In addition to comprehensive functionality, effective mine scheduling is also a critical part of any mining operation, especially in today’s economy, which is why Minex 6.0 incorporates new, feature-rich capabilities in this area. The software provides mine planners with more scheduling options with the addition of detailed interactive scheduling capabilities to the system. Using this approach allows the creation of schedules by interacting with 3-D graphic displays generated directly from seam models, pit designs and reserves. Users also have the option of scheduling to meet volume or tonnage requirements in a given period.
“Smart scheduling of layered deposits, using tools specifically designed for the task, can be the difference between an operation being viable, and one being marginal or losing money. Minex provides numerous scheduling tools to help our clients get the most from their mines, while efficiently planning the costly extraction of waste material,” said Mark Godresse, technical product manager stratified deposits, Gemcom. “With the depth of scheduling capabilities inside of Minex, mine planners have the industry’s most robust range of decision making and communication tools available to them. For example, they can run multiple what-if scenarios to find the best scheduling options and then watch and share animations that accurately represent what the schedule will look like, enabling the identification of potentially costly problems.”
Additional benefits of Minex 6.0 include:
– Minex, unlike other systems, has been developed specifically for coal and other stratified deposits, providing a decision-making environment that reflects the reality of these kinds of operations and the needs of geologists, engineers, surveyors and others who drive them.
– Rapid modelling of all stratified deposit types, including large, deep and complex data-intensive coal projects. Minex’s high-speed and efficient modelling technology offers significant time and cost savings over other mining packages.
– Lower total cost of ownership through the integration of geology, optimisation, design, planning, scheduling, survey, rehabilitation and other functions.
– Visual confirmation of each stage of the modelling and design process to ensure full confidence in the final model, resources and reserves.
– Reduction of data duplication by easily connecting to corporate databases and common file and data storage formats, including GIS, CAD and other mine planning data.
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