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America West Resources Takes Delivery of New Mining Equipment

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

America West Resources, Inc. a domestic compliant coal producer with mining operations in Central Utah, announce that it has taken delivery of a new continuous miner and other related new mining equipment that has allowed the Company to evaluate re-starting mining activities in a second section of the Horizon Mine. Currently, America West is producing approximately 30,000 tons per month from a single section (29,000 in July and 31,000 in August) – which is up from approximately 10,000 tons in May of this year.
A continuous miner allows for the extraction and removal of coal from a working face in one operation and without blasting. Dan Baker, Chief Executive Officer of America West, stated, “Overall, we are very pleased that our new continuous miner is allowing us to extract coal at a very steady and sustainable rate, allowing us to regain meaningful traction in achieving our monthly production objectives and moving plans forward to double our output by resuming our two-section mine development plan.”
In April 2009, the Company reported that through lease modification and revised estimates confirmed by a third party engineering firm, the Horizon Mine currently has approximately 12.4 million tons in recoverable coal reserves.
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