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Gemcom Education Initiative for Underemployed Australian Geoscientists

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions, announce that they have teamed up with the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) to create an education initiative aimed at helping unemployed and underemployed geoscientists in Australia extend their skills to improve their employability in today’s volatile labour market. Training in Gemcom software will aid participants in the job market as the Company’s products are used by more than two-thirds of mines in Australia that use software, according to surveys conducted by Australia’s Mining Monthly magazine.
Gemcom’s education initiative will enable members of the AIG, who meet eligibility criteria, to take software training for a nominal fee. The training sessions will teach foundation skills using Gemcom Surpac(tm), the world’s most widely used geology and mine planning software. As part of the 2-day training, attendees will learn how to perform key job functions using the software including volume calculations, data manipulation, reporting and plotting.
“Software plays a critical role in work performed by geoscientists in mining and exploration businesses. In today’s job market, it is vital that our members be as knowledgeable about it as possible,” said Gerry Fahey, chairman Australian Institute of Geoscientists Western Australia branch. “By taking training on Gemcom’s Surpac software, geoscientists will benefit by learning how to confidently use it in the workplace. On behalf of our members and all of us on the AIG Council, I would like to thank Gemcom for their generous training offer to help out our members during these tough times.”
“The economic downturn has had an impact on everyone in our industry in one way or another, that’s why we felt it is important for Gemcom to assist wherever we can,” said Andrew Pyne, senior vice president, Gemcom AustralAsia Business Unit. “Australia, which is home to most of the software products developed by Gemcom, has been a cornerstone of our organisation’s success. We have been looking for ways to give something back to our community and thought there is no better way for us to do it than by leveraging our expertise in software, and geology and mining to provide training for geoscientists seeking full-time employment.”
Feedback from participants on the program has been extremely positive, with one attendee commenting: “I would like to pass along a big thank you to the AIG and Gemcom for giving me the opportunity to do the Surpac course. It was great fun and I learned a lot. I hope I will soon be able to put the new found knowledge in to action. The course was very well run and the instructor first class. The whole atmosphere was conducive to learning the maximum amount possible in the shortest time available. Thank you to Gemcom for their hospitality, helpfulness and welcome. I think all participants feel the same.”
To qualify for the training sessions, registrants must certify that they are a member of AIG and are currently either unemployed or employed less than 20 hours per week and that they are not working in consulting roles.
For further information visit: www.aig.org.au / www.gemcomsoftware.com

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