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Sandvik Mining and Construction are to create a global centre of excellence for screening and feeder development in Ballygawley, Northern Ireland

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Sandvik Mining and Construction have announced that they are establishing a global product development centre for screens and feeders, at the site of the former Fintec factory in Ballygawley, Northern Ireland. By concentrating the development of screens and feeders, both stationary and mobile, combined at a single location, Sandvik will be able to utilize the knowledge within this area better and also increase the competence within the group. They also hope to gain the economies of scale required to develop the next generation of industry leading screens and feeders, and show their commitment to the work force, and the locality surrounding the existing factory.
A principal reason for Sandvik’s decision in locating this vital component of its screening operation at the Ballygawley facility, is due to the concentration of highly skilled, and experienced, screens and feeder design engineers. The region furthermore supports an industry infrastructure that grew in Northern Ireland over the last fifty years, and show that it is still the home of the mobile screening industry.
For further information visit: www.sandvik.com

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