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Siemens supplies electrical equipment for shaft winders of the Datong Coal Mine Group

Monday, September 14th, 2009

A consortium consisting of the Siemens Industry Solutions Division and Siemag M-Tec² GmbH, Netphen, has received an order from Datong Coal Mine Group. Co., Ltd., China, to supply two new winders for the Majialiang coal mine. The Siemens part of the scope of supply has a volume of more than four million euros. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2010. In China, more than 80 shaft winding installations have already been equipped with Siemens technology.
Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading producers of hard coal in China. The company, which is located in Shanxi province, extracted 122 million tons of coal in 2008. The Majialiang mine alone, which is near Shuozhou and around 140 kilometers to the south-west of Datong, has an annual production capacity of approximately twelve million metric tons of coal.
The two new winders will be installed in a service shaft which is 537.5 meters deep. Siemens is supplying the entire drive equipment, the medium and low-voltage distribution systems and transformers as well as the automation technology, including human-machine interface (HMI) equipment and safety systems. The mechanical components will be supplied by Siemag M-Tec². The larger of the two winders is equipped with a 3,600-kilowatt synchronous motor and enables a double cage with a payload of 50 tons to achieve a speed of 9.97 meters a second. The second machine has a power output of 435 kilowatts. This enables winding of a payload of 8 tons at a speed of 6.67 meters a second.
Simatic S7-400 programmable logic controllers are the core of the automation system. For safety reasons, the control and monitoring system has a two-channel structure. The signals of the two channels are compared with each other continually. An error triggers the safety circuit, which immediately stops the drives and applies the safety brake. Siemens is also responsible for system integration, supervision of the installation work, and commissioning and will provide customer training for the electrical equipment and the brake systems.
For further information visit: www.siemens.com/mining

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