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Greatland Gold: Exploration Update

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Greatland Gold plc, the mineral exploration and development company focused on gold projects in Tasmania and Western Australia is pleased to provide an update on exploration activities.
The Company has received formal approval for drilling activities at the Firetower gold project from the Tasmanian Government. Furthermore, encouraging results have been received from surface sampling at the Firetower project.
Formal approval for diamond drilling at the Anomaly 1 prospect has been received by the Company from the Tasmanian Government department of Mineral Resources Tasmania. Drilling of four holes for a total of 600m will test a strong gold in soils anomaly peaking at 916ppb gold at the Anomaly 1 prospect. As approval for drilling has only recently been received, drilling is now expected to commence within the next month.
Also at the Firetower project, results have been received from surface soil sampling at the Lobster and Rising prospects. At the Lobster prospect, results were encouraging, peaking at 44ppb gold. Strike length of the anomaly has not been defined as it has not been closed off. At the Rising prospect, results peaked at 7.8ppb gold and strike length has not yet been determined. Further work, including soil sampling and mapping will be carried out at both these areas.
The RC drilling at the Derby North prospect has been conditionally approved by the Tasmanian Government. However, recent heavy rains have prevented access into forestry areas. Consequently, drilling has been delayed until water has dissipated and the ground has dried out sufficiently for heavy vehicles. The Company currently estimates that October will be the earliest month in which drilling may commence at Warrentinna, but this could extend into November or December depending upon the levels of rainfall.
East Lisle
Data compilation and initial field reconnaissance has been completed by the Company. The Lisle goldfield is reputed to have produced 250,000 ounces of gold from alluvial workings. The area has been only patchily explored by various companies since the early 1970s with limited success at locating the bedrock source. Almost no bedrock drill testing has been done to date.
The bedrock source of the alluvial gold remains open to speculation, however, Greatland has preliminary compilations and models which suggest that a major source of lode and disseminated style mineralisation – merely covered in thin scree, and readily open pittable – may be found with systematic modern exploration techniques.
Ernest Giles
This large gold project is located in Western Australia and is one of only a few major greenstone belts in the Yilgarn region that has not been explored in detail due to its remote location and relatively deep cover.
The Company has completed a preliminary review of existing geophysical data and has defined approximately twelve target areas. Interpretation will be refined in the current quarter and drill targets outlined. Field reconnaissance is expected to be completed in the final quarter of 2009.
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