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Service – The Secret of Success

Monday, September 21st, 2009

We are all interested in the dynamics of those companies that continue to attract orders in these straightened times. It would seem that RUD-Erlau, a family-owned company with a 130 year old tradition of industrial chain making, may provide some clues. Pervading the company and it’s worldwide network of wholly-owned subsidiaries, agents and distributors is an strong emphasis on customercare and service.
Typical is the comprehensive service provided by RUD-Erlau’s tyre chain division. Headed by Francesco Di Giusto, is a 24 strong team of qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in the world’s materials handling industries. Their combined knowledge of mining, quarrying, slag handling, demolition, forestry and other wheeled operations – on-road, off-road and on-site – ensures that customers receive expert support throughout – from choosing the right tyre chain for your application, to installation and life-of-product after-care.
Your choice of chain will be supported by cost-benefit analysis’ drawn from similar operations which confirm that tyre chains not only save tyres but also increase productivity at a measurable, cost-per-tonne saving of, at least, 10%.
When your chains are delivered a RUD-Erlau engineer will be there to ensure they are correctly fitted. In between regular follow-up visits to check the chain condition and tensioning for optimum performance, RUD-Erlau’s engineers are only a phone call away and, usually, can be on-site within 24 hours.
Currently, among many other orders, RUD-Erlau engineers have just fitted several sets of tyre protection chains required for load-out duties at an Iraqi cement plant.
Following an earlier order for 46 pairs of traction chains trquired to keep a fleet of 400 tonne dump trucks safely on-the-road in the icy South American Andes, a further 14 pairs are currently on the welding table and headed for the same customer.
Customer care and service is the responsibility of every single member of RUD-Erlau’s 1100 strong work-force. From initial enquiry, through order processing, manufacture, quality control, delivery, installation and aftercare, service is paramount.
RUD-Erlau believes that it is customer care and service that has marked 2009 with a series of substantial orders for tyre protection and traction chains.
Whether it is tyre protection and traction chains, conveyors, elevators, lifting gear RUD-Erlau’s design team’s core mission is to develop components and systems that, by easing installation and reducing maintenance costs, make life easier for the customer.
Similarly, RUD-Erlau’s metallurgists have developed light-weight, energy-saving alloys that offer customers increasingly greater strength and durability.
Building on 65 years of tyre chain evolution, RUD-Erlau continues to introduce innovative products.
The new Terra-Plus range was completed and the production line has been tooled up to produce 11, 14, 16 and 22mm dia. links – meeting the off-raod needs of most vehicles and plant. The deep profiled studs and self-cleaning ‘Z’ links provide bite and essential grip in snow and soft, boggy ground.
Notable in 2009 has been the Rotogrip CS a compact snow chain for commercial vehicles, public transport and emergency services.
The Rotogrip stows in the vehicle wheel arch ready for in-cab deployment should road conditions become treacherous.
Again, with customers firmly in mind, RUD-Erlau has invested EUR 10m in extending and up-grading the facilities at their plants in Germany, Romania and Brazil enabling the company to guarantee delivery of consistently high quality chains and systems within tight time-frames.
With a steady flow of orders, RUD-Erlau may claim, with some justification, that customer care and service is the secret of success.
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