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Gemcom Releases New Human Logistics Product for Gemcom InSite Operational Performance Management Product Line

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions, today announced that it has incorporated a new Human Logistics product into its award-winning Gemcom InSite(tm) operational performance management product line. The Human Logistics product is based on a solution that has been deployed for almost 10 years, which the Company added to its portfolio through the acquisition of the Australian-based TeamTech business in January of 2009.
Gemcom InSite Human Logistics is an accommodation, travel management and site access product which is designed to support the administration of geographically distributed fly-in fly-out operations, and personnel movements to and from them. By deploying the solution, remote operations can lower costs, boost productivity and increase efficiency. They achieve this by maximising their utilisation of flight and camp infrastructure, by eliminating and streamlining clerical and accounting tasks, and by improving access to logistics information worldwide.
Key benefits of Gemcom InSite Human Logistics include:
– Improved safety information with up-to-the-minute knowledge of personnel onsite;
– Better responsiveness to plant breakdowns or planned shutdowns by using real-time views of accommodation and transport availability in the weeks and months ahead;
– Decreased carrier costs with improved visibility of aircraft and bus loadings to better use existing carrier capacity, or change aircraft sizes and frequency for best economy;
– Lower capital investment in camp infrastructure through better planning and utilisation;
– Improved control over labour request and personnel mobilisation checks and processes;
– Increased forecast accuracy for demand for services, improving planning, resource utilisation, and procurement outcomes;
– Lowered clerical and accounting costs by automating routine personnel movement bookings and billing cycles; and
– Reduced telephone inquiry costs through real-time, online system access and reporting.
The Human Logistics product can be implemented as part of a larger InSite implementation or as a stand-alone solution, and optionally integrated with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages such as SAP, Oracle and Ellipse.
“InSite Human Logistics has a proven track record of driving operational cost reductions through the optimisation of carrier capacity and clerical automation,” said Simon Stone, product line manager – operational performance, Gemcom Software. “I am delighted that we have been able to deliver Human Logistics so quickly to become part of the operational performance management product line. This InSite product is another step towards the fulfilment of our operational performance vision. Human safety, performance and capability management is consistently identified by our clients as an important component of effective operational performance. We consistently see our clients struggling with these aspects of their operations, and given the compelling benefits we have seen realised in our installed base, I am confident that this new product will change the game going forward.”
“The solution is essential to the effective management of the movement of our staff and contractors to and from site. We can confidently manage our aircraft and camp capacities during peak periods such as shutdowns. We have a single source of data for managing our logistics and camp contractors, and our evacuation lists are always accurate. We always know where everybody is,” says Rose Dowling, facilities officer – site services, Murrin Murrin Operations, Minara Resources Limited.
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