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Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Enters Into Agreement With Legacy Rock Company

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. (Pink Sheets: TWDL) a publicly traded company on Pink Sheets, has announced that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Legacy Rock Company, a Nevada based corporation, to mine and distribute Calcium Carbonate from properties owned by Legacy Rock Company. TWDL will be in charge of operations and profits will be divided on an equal basis, after TWDL recovers its costs. The properties are currently estimated to contain millions of tons of Calcium Carbonate, with approximately 100,000 tons already stockpiled and ready for immediate distribution.

Calcium Carbonate is a common compound known as limestone. This compound has many uses in medicine, industry and agriculture.

In agriculture, as an Alkali, it is used for neutralizing soil which is too acidic to harbor crops. The compound can be ground to powder and used like any fertilizer, effectively conditioning the soil.

In medicine, it can be used as a source of calcium to treat deficiency, and it can also be prescribed as a very effective treatment for problems with stomach acid. The most common products made from Calcium Carbonate are “Tums” and “Maalox.” The compound can also be used as a base material for tablets, or phosphate binder.

The building industry has great need for Calcium Carbonate. Some of the most popular construction materials such as Marble and Limestone are originally formed from it. It is also used as a filler for certain building materials, including paint and cement.

Environmentally, it has been proven that it can counter the acid in streams from acid rain.

The most known use of Calcium Carbonate, is of course in classroom chalk.

The market and usage of Calcium Carbonate worldwide is vast.

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