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Kalenborn Increase Capital and Reorganize the Management

Friday, January 15th, 2010

With immediate effect the share capital of the Kalenborn Group has been increased by the partners from Euro 3 millions to Euro 4 millions to strengthen the further development of the company and persistently to pursue the course taken by Kalenborn also in the future.
At the same time the tasks within the management have been assigned new. The managers Dr. Conrad Mauritz and Michael W. Rokitta, Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Kfm. continue their duties with a correspondingly adapted task assignment. Dietmar Tremmer, Dipl. Ing. has withdrawn from the management at the beginning of 2010.
Dietmar Tremmer has successfully worked for the Vettelschoss company for 10 years. He decisively contributed to Kalenborn’s dynamic development to become the worldwide active wear protection people.
During recent years the Kalenborn Group has experienced intense growth and has extended the choice of materials and applications for wear protection solutions on ceramic, mineral and metallic basis. The products and system solutions are offered by the suppliers of wear protection services all over the world. Apart from the managing company located in Vettelschoss, Kalenborn has 13 subsidiaries and associated companies in Europe, America and Asia. It is planned to have the existing activities systematically extended.

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