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Leaders in TPMS & CAN Technology Partner to Create Integrated Telematics System

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Advantage PressurePro, leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring Technology, are proud to announce to the market another ‘first’ in TPMS advancement. Led by partners RM Michaelides, worldwide leaders in CAN Technology, PressurePro has developed the first Can-Bus Telematics system, complete with PressurePro’s real time tire pressure monitoring capabilities.
Offering a variety of displays ranging from a 2” round, in-dash display, to a 6.5” full color display showing complete vehicle functions, RM Michaelides is a premier provider of a wide variety of top-of-the-line viewables which communicate information compiled by their PROEMION Telematics platform. Already providing full vehicle information including vehicle tracking, diagnostics, GPS and more, the integration of PressurePro’s TPMS Technology now allows the PROEMION platform to present complete tire pressure and temperature information needed to add safety and savings.
“It’s not often that two technology leaders come together to provide a product that can profoundly affect a market,” stated Phil Zaroor, President and CEO of Advantage PressurePro. “In a time when efficiency, savings, safety and environmental concerns are paramount, PressurePro and RM Michaelides have formed an advantageous partnership to provide a product that leads the worldwide market and provides a way to add efficiency and save money, for fleets of all types. We are proud to partner with a technology leader like RM Michaelides and we look forward to strong growth in our partnership providing products that affect the environment and our customers’ the bottom line.”
“With PressurePro we have found an experienced and innovative partner for realizing an important module of our telematics solutions”, said Robert Michaelides, Managing Director and CEO of RM Michaelides. “It gives us great pleasure that our concerted innovation has already taken shape and is successfully being deployed in a pilot project headed in Germany. With the CAN bus TPMS, PressurePro and RM offer leading tire pressure monitoring technology for literally everyone, from manufacturers to end buyers and for any vehicle you can imagine… provided it has tires.”

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