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New Synthetic Oil Provides Long‐Lasting Protection to Wire Rope

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Lubrication Engineers, Inc., introduces Wirelife™ Almasol® Syn Coating Lubricant, an extremely tacky, nonasphaltic synthetic lubricant with exceptionally high film strength. Perfect for extreme environments and conditions, it provides robust outer surface protection for wire rope and cable and comes from the same advanced technology that LE developed to protect large open gears in the mining and quarry industries.
Dependable for the heavy use demanded in such industries as mining and construction and in marine environments, typical applications for Almasol Syn include standing and running lines, draglines, cranes, derricks, hoists and drilling rigs. It performs better and lasts longer than standard lubricants, reducing wear by minimizing wire‐to‐wire contact within the rope.
Its exceptional film strength and high load‐carrying capacity, which allows it to withstand heavy loads and cushion shock loading, comes from its heavy synthetic base fluid and its synergistic blend of Almasol, LE’s exclusive wear‐reducing additive, and an extreme pressure additive.
Almasol Syn’s extreme tackiness enables it to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces, a must in heavy‐duty or extreme applications. Because it stays put longer, less lubricant is consumed and less maintenance is needed for reapplication. The purple‐tinted lubricant appears translucent in use, allowing easy visual safety inspections.
The synthetic lubricant contains no halogenated compounds or heavy metals that would harm the environment, and it has been cleared for disposal like any other non‐hazardous petroleum oil. It can be applied manually or through automatic spray systems and includes a pleasant odorant that makes it easier to service.
Proprietary Additive
Available exclusively in LE lubricants, Almasol wear‐reducing additive adheres to metal surfaces in a microscopic layer, yet will not build on itself or affect clearances. It possesses tremendous load‐carrying capacity, is impervious to acid attack and minimizes metal‐to‐metal contact and the resulting friction and wear. When added to LE lubricants, it provides a level of protection available with no other lubricant.

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