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New Linatex Valve Line Combines Custom-Engineered Systems with Superior Abrasion Resistance

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Building upon our 80-year history in the process equipment and abrasion resistance industries, and with over 50 years designing and producing valves, Linatex is proud to introduce its newly-designed and reengineered Valve Product Range which combines custom-engineering with the superior abrasion resistance of Linatex rubber.
Jim Geyer- Linatex Global Valve Product Manager. “A lot of work has gone into our offering to ensure that Linatex valves meet industry needs across a wide range of applications. In fact Linatex now have the most comprehensive valve range on the market.”
Globally, Linatex has specialised in the design of process equipment that utilises the unique characteristics of Linatex Premium Rubber. The Linatex Valve Range is no exception. Linatex Valves are lined in Linatex abrasion and wear resistant rubber as standard, and are particularly suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive liquids and solids.
Bruce Cooke, General Manager Linatex Europe “Utilising Linatex Premium Rubber as standard in Linatex Valve liners, ensure a genuine performance point of difference. Linatex have moulded liners with proven superior wear, that for the customer, results in longer life and lower replacement costs.”
Designed and customised to meet the demands of tough minerals processing applications, the Linatex Valve Range offers a choice of heavy-duty steel operating mechanisms and robust steel, iron or aluminum bodies. Ideal for flow control in grinding and milling circuits, isolation and control in hydrocyclones and separation equipment, slurry and chemical additive control, and an endless number of specialised process applications, Linatex Valves can also be supplied with complete automation packages.
The Linatex Family Of Valves Includes:
Pinch valves – Open Body
Pinch valves – Closed Body
Knife Gate Valves
Check Valve – Single Non Return
Check Valve – Double Non Return
Pneumatic Split Liner Pinch Valve
Pneumatic Single Piece Pinch Valves
Linatex Valves are available with a variety of natural and synthetic rubber liners for use in most process conditions.
Linatex has long been recognised as a leading innovator in the use of premium natural rubber for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. Decades of growth in the global marketplace has led its worldwide operations into a complete range of products and services, which include process equipment and systems, moulded and fabricated components, screen media, and material handling hose.
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