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Jetting goes to Graz in 2010

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Water jetting continues to find new applications as users take advantage of developments and improved equipment to introduce innovative solutions to their production, maintenance, medical, environmental and decommissioning problems. The addition of abrasives to water jets has resulted in cutting tools with unique capabilities, including the ability to clean, prepare and cut materials without the force or heat associated with traditional methods. The need to recycle has never been greater and abrasive waterjets offer unique capabilities. Difficult cleaning problems have been solved which has increased the scope for recycling waste items. This has led to innovative techniques that enable the safe and economical decommissioning of oil and gas facilities, nuclear plants and military hardware.
Industries as varied as medicine, petrochemicals, food processing, automotive and aerospace engineering, and construction have developed novel applications. Fire and rescue and other emergency services have also devised life-saving techniques. New engineers continue to be amazed by what water jetting can achieve.
BHR Group’s 20th International Conference on Jetting Technology builds on almost 40 years of success with previous events to meet demand for authoritative information about best practice and new techniques. This highly successful biennial event continues to draw together the world’s leading specialists. Focusing on applications, developments and technologies, the scope of the conference has evolved since 1972 to reflect the technology’s maturity and range of industries adopting jetting. It remains the premier international event on the subject and provides the ideal forum to present and discuss industrial applications of water jetting, the latest in research and development, and emerging issues and challenges for suppliers and users. It is also an excellent opportunity for technology transfer between industries that have developed and seek solutions to their problems. The organisers have issued a call for papers for presentation at this prestigious event which will be held in Graz, Austria, 20-22 October 2010.
Papers accepted for presentation are likely to provide practical insight into the latest news and continuing advancement of water jetting by presenting information about innovative research and theory, examples of real-life projects and application case studies.
Potential topics for papers include: research, development and innovative design; traditional manufacturing and solutions to industrial problems; cutting, machining and trimming – from foodstuffs to metal and stone – in factories or open sites; civil engineering including mining and quarrying, tunnelling, construction, contracting, hydrodemolition, concrete refurbishment, and stone and ceramic cutting; transportation including aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and ship repair; environmental work to meet recycling, military, nuclear, oil and gas and cleaning and surface preparation requirements; economic and cost comparisons with alternative technologies; health & safety including testing, legislation, standards, training and safe practice, inspection and insurance; innovation including components, robotics and automation, new technology, and machine design and control; traditional manufacturing; difficult and dangerous environments; environmental tasks including recycling, decommissioning and cleaning; future directions in research and industrial requirements.
The conference is aimed at people who need to know what jetting offers. It is particularly relevant for those who devise or use jetting across a broad range of aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, precision machining, process, food, medical, nuclear, military, construction, contracting, petrochemical, mining and excavation, stone and marble, research and government disciplines.
Sponsorship is provided by VLN Advanced Technologies, BHDT and Kennametal and is supported by The Water Jetting Association. VLN Advanced Technologies Inc of Canada is providing financial sponsorship support for deserving candidates who would otherwise be unable to attend.

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