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Gamatronic Introduces the Next Generation Modular UPS System

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Gamatronic, the world class manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply systems and high efficiency power technology, today unveils its Crown Jewel in Backup Power.
The new Mega Power Plus Modular UPS (“Power Plus”) is a brand new UPS, 25kW to 250kW of pure on-line power. The unit is based on the successful Power Plus technology developed in-house by leading Gamatronic research and development engineers, and is further improved by implementing latest power elements and algorithms available on power electronics market.
Power Plus features:
– Ac/Ac efficiency of 96%
– Cutting power supply losses in half from 8% to 4%
– On-line double conversion topology
– Parallel redundant UPS system for modularity and upgrade
– Designed as a hot swappable system as a modular design
– 25-250kW
– Reducing heat dissipation, thereby saving a significant amount of energy costs per annum [up to $4,000 [or £2,500]per 100 kVA (80kw) per annum less running costs]
– UPS to generator power ratio of only 1.2
Gamatronic, whose products are currently installed in 80 countries across 5 continents, formed its UK operations in 2001, Gamatronic Electronic Industries, in partnership with Jayne Mansfield and Robert Hamilton, the UK co-managing directors.
Gamatronic’s clients operate in areas such as data centres, IT rooms, telecoms, cable TV, banks, hospitals, oil and gas industries, universities, construction, and marine and its UK customers include leading organisations such as British Petroleum, British Royal Air Force, Budgens, and Thames Water.
Gamatronic will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on 4 March 2010 at its Efficient Energy Summit being held at the Tower of London, which will be attended by 200 industry leaders involved in the backup power supplies world. It will also focus on new trends and innovations in efficient energy consumption leveraging off 40 years at the forefront of developing continuous, reliable, pure power and power protection solutions. The Efficient Energy Summit is supported by UK Trade & Investment and British-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
Commenting on its new Power Plus system, Seth Davis, Global Business Development Manager of Gamatronic Electronic Industries, said:
“This is a milestone year for Gamatronic as it not only symbolises the excellent reputation we have accumulated over four decades, providing top rate power protection solutions in more than 80 countries around the world, it also demonstrates our ability to continue developing groundbreaking power modular solutions and technology to our marketplace.
“Whether it is for the UK’s banking sector, military, hospitals, universities and schools, the Mega Power Plus will save millions of pounds in both energy and maintenance costs. Power Plus marks a new chapter for the UPS industry and ticks all the boxes for modularity, redundancy and power density, cost reduction, new energy efficient tools, and capacity all bundled up into the smallest possible piece of equipment. Due to this technology we can offer the fastest, most competitive and most comprehensive maintenance packages in the UK. The savings in maintenance combined with energy savings will amount to millions of pounds per annum.”
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