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HAZEMAG at bauma 2010: Visit B2 129/230

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH in Dülmen introduces the HAZEMAG VARIOwobbler®, which represents a new generation of wobbler feeders for pre-screening operations in crushing plants. An outstanding feature of this wobbler is the facility for infinitely varying the gap between the individual shafts by means of an effective hydro-mechanical control system, in order to determine the screened product granulometry at the touch of a button and without the use of any tools. This system allows for quick and flexible reaction to changing requirements and ensures that the feeder is always adjusted to the correct setting.
Such a system is of particular interest under the following circumstances:
When weather conditions fluctuate, there can be changes in the H20 content, and consequently in the screening behaviour of the material to be processed. The gap setting adjustment facility provides the optimum means to compensate for any such variations during the screening operation.
In quarry operations, the characteristics and properties of the recovered material – for instance, the proportion of actual suitable material, and thus the screening behaviour – can vary. In such cases, the optimum setting can be selected similarly at the touch of a button.
If market or customer demands and requirements change, i.e. should a coarser product be desired, the gap setting is simply widened, and likewise, if a finer product is called for, the gap reduced appropriately.
In a conventional vibrating screen, to undertake such changes involves considerable time and effort in changing the actual screen grates. The new VARIOwobbler®
screens can replace a conventional screen in a crushing plant without any problems; they can be designed as single- or multi-stage machines, according to whether or not existing machine height differences need to be overcome. Thanks to the various stages, the material flow is agitated several times, facilitating the downward flow of the fine material from the upper layers of the material bed and separating these fines from the coarse material. Additionally, the fines – which often contain a high percentage of the material’s moisture content – are removed prior to entry into the crusher, avoiding the potential danger of clogging and caking in the actual crusher. The wobbler itself is not affected by sticky material. All the shafts of the VARIOwobbler® are individually driven.
The use of these roller screens leads to increased operational safety and to a reduction in energy and operating costs:
Thanks to the horizontal material flow on the roller screen, the downstream crusher is fed evenly and uniformly in a controlled manner. By separating the fines, the load on the crusher is reduced, resulting in less wear and reduced power requirements, and even possibly to the introduction of a reduced crusher size.
The HAZEMAG VARIOwobbler® has been designed for the following applications:
Types of material: Limestone, Marl, Clay, Coal, Natural rock, Minerals with
sticky inclusions, etc.
Feed size: 0 – 1500 mm
Separation: 15 – 150 mm
Capacity: up to 2,500 t/h
Width: up to approx. 3.5 m
(Ref 832)

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