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Eriez Separate, Detect and Sample at Bauma 2010

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd are exhibiting the latest technology in metal removal, detection and sampling equipment at Bauma to be held in Munich, Germany between 19th – 25th April 2010. This is Eriez’ first appearance at the show where they will be showcasing their products on both an outside and inside stand. Eriez can be found in Hall C2 Stand 418A and Yard C1-C2 Stand 435.
Overband Permanent Suspended Magnets are used to protect valuable crushing and screening equipment against tramp metal damage or simply for removing iron from demolition rubble. On the outdoor Eriez stand, there will be two model CP Suspended Magnets and one model TP Suspended Magnet. CP Magnets are able to pick up general tramp iron whilst TP Magnets are more specialised for the removal of long, thin, sharp metals such as nails. All the models in the Permanent Suspended Magnet range are robust, require minimal maintenance, are very simple to install and operate and are very versatile.
In addition to the Permanent Suspended Magnets, Eriez will also be showcasing their automated Sampling equipment. A Cross Belt Sampler will be found on the outside stand which is designed for operation on all types of granular material and obtains a representative sample direct from a moving trough belt conveyor. It requires minimal installation work and minimum maintenance.
With the pressure on many industries to supply a product which reaches the highest quality specification possible, numerous companies around the world will have a requirement to sample products. Automatic Online Sampling makes sure that the quality of the goods they sell or buy meets the stated specification. Some companies rely on manual sampling techniques, but this approach is open to abuse and to a high incidence of human error and bias.
Along with Magnetic Separators and Sampling equipment, Eriez Europe also design and manufacture Metal Detectors to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Installing an Eriez Metal Detector on a conveyor belt system will protect downstream machinery from damage caused by tramp iron on the conveyor. They are easy to install and operate and typically consist of a control unit, search coil and connecting cable. Each coil is custom designed to optimise the sensitivity of the Metal Detector to meet the individual customer needs. At Bauma, Eriez will have an operational Metalarm 3000 Metal Detector on their inside stand. It will be mounted on a conveyor belt and will demonstrate what the Eriez Metal Detectors are capable of.
To accompany the Metal Detector there will be various Metal Detector Accessories including the recently launched Inkjet Marker MK-II and SpyMet. The Inkjet Marker sprays ink onto a product stream to mark the location of pieces of detected metal contamination on a conveyor belt whilst the SpyMet can indicate the number of metal contaminates within a specific zone. Both of these accessories used either individually or part of a system provides a solution to track and locate tramp metal on a conveyor belt leading to minimal loss of production time and improved plant efficiency.
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