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Hiller Group Launches Biomass Fuel Supply Company

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

The Hiller Group is launching Hiller Bio Energy, LLC, a biomass fuel supply subsidiary, to serve the rapidly expanding global and domestic U.S. markets. Biomass fuel, which is drawing significant investment interest globally ( is an important compliance fuel source for the European market and is anticipated to play a large role in the U.S.’ energy supply future. Hiller is being advised on this effort by Pace Global Energy Services, LLC (“Pace”) a global leader in energy & carbon strategic management.
Martin Hiller, Hiller Group CEO, states: “While Hiller’s core expertise in meeting energy-intensive customer needs and optimizing a global bulk material supply chain are pre-requisites for success in biomass, Pace’s market and customer insights have been essential to developing our business execution and marketing strategy. The global market is ripe for a supply chain solution that can reliably deliver high quality, consistent product and Hiller is well positioned to do so.”
Tim Sutherland, Pace’s CEO, summed up Hiller’s value proposition: “Hiller is exceptional in providing global supply solutions and has done so for decades in the areas of specialty coals, carbon products, and petroleum coke. Biomass, having both Btu and emerging environmental value, is a logical extension of their world-class capability and product offerings. We look forward to helping them grow their business.”
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