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China plans to increases import coal greatly in 2010

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Asia Pacific Coal Trading & Investment Outlook 2010:
China plans to increase coal import significantly in the year 2010. It is widely anticipated that the net import volume will be about 150 million tons largely due to the high cost of domestic coal production.
In the year 2009, world thermal coal trading volume reduced by 2%, or 690 million tons, amid economic recession. This was mainly because the sharp decrease of coal imports of Japan and EU countries despite the increase of imports in China, Korea and India. However, world thermal coal trading volume is expected to increase by 6% to 730 million tons in 2010 due to the recovery of global economy, especially the robust economic growth in Asia-Pacific region.

China coal market is increasingly eye-catching as it has become a net importer of coal. Some countries have even made special export policies targeting at Chinese market. China now has gain the pricing right in international coal market.

Under such circumstance, Asia Pacific Coal Trading & Investment Outlook takes place in the most developed coal market Guangzhou China on July 25 & 26 2010. Delegates from major import and export countries of this region are expected to bring the latest information on policy, trade, investment and logistics to Asia Pacific Coal Trading & Investment Outlook 2010.

In addition to business network opportunity, critical insights into global coal market will also be highlighted in this grand gathering. What’s the impact of the consolidation of Chinese coal industry on coal prices and import & export volume? What’s the latest trend of regional and world coal prices? How will end users like steel mills and power generation plants choose their coal purchasing channels? What’s the role of the latest shipping freight will play in coal trade? What opportunities will domestic and overseas investors have? These issues will be in-depth discuss in this high profile event.

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