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Keep Track of all Data – Systems for Worldwide Access to Machine Data

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Diagnostics systems considerably facilitate error locating and prevention in machines and vehicles. Conventional systems however have the decisive disadvantage that machine data is only available on site. Therefore, for reading out the data, the vehicle or machine has to be right next to the diagnostics application. But there is a remedy for this: At bauma 2010, RMMichaelides and its sister company Proemion showcase flexible telematics systems that can be extended at will and enable you to access machine data at any time and from any point around the globe.
Worldwide access
With the Real-Time Kit offered by RM and Proemion, local CAN diagnostics systems can easily be extended to allow for worldwide access to the operating data of the monitored vehicle or machine. The CAN machine data is transmitted to the diagnostics PC in near real-time via the cellular network and the Internet. The existing CAN diagnostics system will be integrated into the solution so that you can keep on working with the user interface you are used to.
Web-based telematics solution
For remote monitoring and managing fleets or machines, RM and Proemion offer a telematics solution with online access via a common web browser and the Proemion Web Portal. In this case it is not necessary to integrate a CAN diagnostics system with local hardware. Just like with the Real-Time Kit, the data is transmitted via the cellular network and the Internet, but the data is handled by Proemion without local CAN hardware.
Modular systems
The Web Portal solution further offers the advantage that for each system, the functions are combined according to individual needs. Besides a machinery or fleet overview, sensor and operating data of single machines or vehicles, such as tire pressure, temperature, or operating hours, can be displayed via the Web Portal and thus monitored worldwide. Further choose from numerous other functions, such as object positioning and tracking with GPS, Geofencing as well as message and alarm functions. The received data can be exported as text, charts or tables. Proemion further offers the development of functions that meet company-specific demands and their integration into the system.
Visit RM and Proemion at bauma 2010 booth 447 in hall A5.
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