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NOV® Mono® Celebrates 75 Years

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Flying the flag for UK manufacture for three-quarters of a century, NOV® Mono®, Europe’s leading provider of progressing cavity pumps, parts, grinders and screens, will celebrate its 75th anniversary on May 13th 2010.
Paul Naylon, Group Managing Director at NOV Mono, commented: “The progressing cavity (PC) pump has come a long way since its invention by French creator René Moineau in the 1930’s and, as the UK’s only licensee of this simple and effective pumping principle, we’ve taken a front row seat in its development over the past 75 years.
“Originally the preserve of the water and wastewater industry, over the years Mono has introduced PC pump technology to a great many different sectors, revolutionising processes, minimising costs and improving efficiency. We are constantly striving to develop this technology to meet the changing needs of the many different markets in which we operate, which is why we have gone from strength-to-strength.
“Major innovations over the years have included the Mono Flexishaft®, which eliminates the need for a double universal joint or gear joints, the Compact C range of PC transfer pumps, the Muncher® range of disintegrators and the latest addition to the family, our revolutionary EZstripTM maintain-in-place PC pump.
“These high performance products are used in sectors such as food and beverage, oil and gas, and chemical and pharmaceutical, as well as water and wastewater.”
Products in Mono’s current pump portfolio can handle capacities in excess of 400 tonnes per hour and pressures in excess of 70 bar (1000 psi). These pumps are complemented by additional ranges of grinders, screens, packaged pumping systems and solar pumps.
Mono has also developed a comprehensive range of Mono Universal Parts for use in other brands of progressing cavity pumps. These have been designed to be used in seepex®, Netzsch®, PCM, Allweiler, Robbins & Myers, Bornemann and Orbit pumps.
Originally formed in 1935, Mono’s continual development of product innovations and business practices has seen it thrive into the company it is today. The NOV Mono Group has 700 authorised distributors across the globe and employs over 640 people.
Paul Naylon continued, “Through major investment in product design and manufacturing, Mono has made sure that the PC pump is even more relevant today than when it was invented 75 years ago.
“We continue to look for new product innovations and applications for PC pump technology to make sure that it remains an essential piece of equipment for the next 75 years, helping to drive up standards, drive down whole life costs and continually improve process efficiency across the board.”
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