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Tensor Revo – a revolution in high-torque tightening

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The trend towards lean assembly to reduce rework and warranty costs, the increasing number of critical joints and the closer attention to operator safety and ergonomics are typical challenges on today’s high torque assembly lines.
The new Tensor Revo nutrunner from Atlas Copco was specifically designed to meet these challenges. It’s light – even the most powerful Tensor Revo, the ETP ST10, providing 1,000 Nm of torque, weighs only 6.1 kg – and it’s ultra-compact.
Fast and flexible
Offering speeds of up 395 rpm, Tensor Revo will speed up your entire assembly process. It is also highly flexible. When tightening bolts in a circular pattern, positioning Tensor Revo on a bolt is easy.
A unique, new swiveling front gear lets you to move the reaction bar through 360°, which is impressive in a tool with an integrated torque transducer.
Immediate operator feedback and process monitoring
Tensor Revo accurately controls torque and angle with a built-in transducer and angle encoder. LEDs and a clear display on the tool give instant operator feedback on the result of each tightening, so you can detect errors at source.
The tool also collects tightening data for process improvement and traceability, and offers error-proofing using the Power Focus 4000 controller and standard plug-in modules. This eliminates mistakes and raises productivity.
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