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Techking Refreshing its Official Website

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Techking launched its new official website on May 20th, 2010. The website, with all new image, presented Techking’s latest news, the complete range of tire products, value added services and many other interactive functions.
The following domain name will be directed to the new website.
“We’d like to build a web based communication platform with our customers. Nowadays, so many people are so heavily involved with internet for knowledge access and sharing.” said James Wang, Marketing & Sales Director from the company, “Further more, the Techking website will serve as a platform to provide our customers more value-added services in the future.”
The website equipped with many user friendly features, which will be easier for customers to familiarize themselves with Techking company, its products and services. People are able to utilize powerful product searching engine to choose right tires for their need.
Also coming soon is the customized Techking Club, designed for Techking authorized partners, will feature with order tracking system, online technical supports and downloading function. It’s the fast channel for customers to get professional and instant services.
Thanks to the rapid growth of the company, this is the second big renovation on Techking website.

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