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Cat® 994F Wheel Loader now Offers Extended High Lift Option for More Efficient Loading of 250-Ton Class Mining Trucks

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

The new Extended High Lift Option for the Cat® 994F Wheel Loader enables the popular mining machine to load Cat 793 and similarly sized trucks more efficiently. The Extended High Lift (EHL) linkage provides 42 inches (1075 mm) more dump clearance compared to the High Lift linkage.
The additional lift height makes it easier for the operator to load a 250-ton size class truck. For faster cycle times, the operator can back the 994F away from the truck without racking back the bucket. The additional lift also enables the operator to dump the last pass without pushing material. Centering the load, for reduced truck wear, better truck handling and less spillage, is easier, too.
The EHL linkage is designed to reduce operator fatigue, decrease loading time and improve daily production when loading 793 size trucks. In a 793 loading test with the new linkage, cycle time decreased 5.5 percent, which resulted in a 5 percent increase in production. The 994F equipped with EHL linkage is rated at 35 tons (32 metric tons) and is a 7-pass match with the 793.
The EHL Option consists of new lift arms, lift and tilt cylinders, tilt links and counterweight material, which is added to the interior of the rear bumper. An extended high lift kit for retrofitting 994F wheel loaders already in the field will be available. New 994F wheel loaders also feature structural changes to both the front and rear frames for extended durability.
Productive and durable loader
The Cat 3516B HD EUI engine powers the 994F and delivers 1,577 gross horsepower (1176 kW) and net power of 1,463 horsepower (1092 kW). The proven engine delivers high torque rise for fast engine response and fuel efficiency while maintaining long engine life.
The 994F retains the Steering and Transmission Integrated Control (STIC) system that enables the operator to use small movements of a single hand to steer and to make direction and gear changes. STIC enables smooth operation with minimum effort.
Also to minimize operator effort while improving productivity, the Rimpull Control System enables the operator to set rimpull below 100 percent for optimum traction in poor underfoot conditions. The operator can reduce rimpull and ground speed by using the impeller clutch pedal, which is fully modulating for smooth control when digging and loading.
The 994F also features designs to reduce maintenance time and to make maintenance tasks easier and safer. The standard automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance time by automatically lubricating bearings requiring the most frequent attention. At the ground level service center, a maintenance technician can fill or drain fluid reservoirs and tanks.
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