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Godwin Pumps® and SLD Prepare for Hillhead 2010

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Godwin Pumps, worldwide manufacturer and supplier of the Dri-Prime® automatic self-priming pump, SLD Pumps and Power, Godwin’s exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom for diesel Dri-Prime pumps, are preparing to share Stand M16 at Hillhead 2010 in Hillhead Quarry from 22 – 24 June.
Celebrating 40 years of production of its Dri-Prime fully automatic priming pump line, Godwin Pumps looks to debut the newest addition to the Dri-Prime range, the model HL260M pump. Capable of flow rates to 1,081 m3/h (4,760 GPM) and heads to 150 m (500 ft), the 250 mm x 200 mm (10 in x 8 in) HL260M is a single-stage, automatic priming centrifugal pump with solids handling capability to 50 mm (2 in) in diameter.
“The single-stage impeller design, close coupling, solids handling capability and Dri-Prime priming system combine to provide a very unique offering for portable pumps generating discharge heads to 150 metres (500 ft),” said Godwin president, John M. Paz. “The industry is trending towards larger pumps and our engineering team is dedicated to developing the most reliable range of high lift pumps on the market.”
Godwin Pumps will also celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Dri-Prime pump. What began as a simplistic venturi air priming system – popular because it had no moving parts and required very little maintenance – has remained at the forefront of the pumping industry through engineering expertise and market-leading performance.
“Over the past 25 years, more than 20 models were introduced. Our development team is constantly embracing technology and engineering larger volume and higher head pumps,” said Godwin Pumps President, John M. Paz. “Certainly, we have led the market in this regard.”
Godwin’s dominance in the worldwide portable pump rental market is also due in part to its 40-year relationship with SLD Pumps and Power.
In 1968, the first Dri-Prime prototype was created by Godwin’s UK-based development team. Over the next two years, the development team engineered the pump for production, and in 1970 the first DPC6 and MC3 Dri-Prime pumps rolled off the assembly line and were sold to SLD. In 1975, SLD obtained the exclusive distribution rights to sell & rent Dri-Prime pumps in the UK.
“With over fifty years’ experience supplying the quarry and mining industries we have the ability to provide rental and sales solutions for all pumping requirements whether large or small. Our services are backed up and supported by our unrivalled national depot network,” said SLD’s International Sales and Marketing Director, Florian Rodrigues. “We provide instant solutions for pumping and power generation requirements. All of these skills and expertise are available genuinely in-house and from one supplier.”
In addition to the Godwin Pumps it offers for sale and hire, SLD will feature its 80 kW SDMO R110-C2 generator, and the 7.2 kW SDMO R10C Power Box on Stand M16 at Hillhead.
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