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Monitor and control anywhere with a text message

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Wood & Douglas, Britain’s leading independent manufacturer of professional radio solutions today announced the launch of the Wood & Douglas Ultima GSM. Ultima GSM is a rugged, flexible module with telemetry and serial I/O for use in a wide variety of demanding applications requiring monitoring and control where no local communications infrastructure is available.
The compact and rugged Ultima GSM unit houses a quad-band GSM/GPRS module. GPRS enables setup and monitoring of the system via a dedicated web page, and requests on the status of the system and control of outputs can be initiated simply by sending the unit an SMS message.
Alan Wood, Managing Director, Wood & Douglas said; “Ultima GSM is a simple to use and flexible module for monitoring or remotely controlling hundreds of different systems and devices. The compact and rugged construction makes it simple to install and operate in tough conditions with the knowledge that you can rely on receiving data, or controlling functions, from any desktop with an internet connection or your mobile phone.”
Ultima GSM’s options for digital and analogue data input and digital output enables a multitude of scenarios for over-the-air status monitoring and control. Typical applications include alarm system for buildings, vehicles and remote locations, remote monitoring of utility infrastructure, such as flood detection or power metering, or remote control of industrial or agricultural systems. The options are endless.
Ultima GSM stores up to ten numbers for alert SMS messages to ensure that urgent information always gets through. By employing a separate processor, rather than relying on the Java engine, Ultima GSM module is constantly monitored ensuring it does not drop into sleep mode when transmission is required. If running from a battery, the Real Time Clock system enables programmable sleep modes and wake-up for transmission, extending battery life to over a year* and dramatically outperforming competitive devices.
A serial port on Ultima GSM also enables connection with Wood & Douglas’ Orion modem to create a powerful combination of Radio Terminal Unit, modem, and GSM/GPRS module to extend wireless data collection from the most remote of sites.
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