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America West Resources Wins $75 Million Supply Contract with Coal-Fired Power Plant Serving Western U.S. States

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

America West Resources, Inc. , a domestic compliant coal producer with mining operations in Central Utah, today announced that it has signed a new coal supply agreement, valued over $75 million, with a major coal-fired power agency responsible for generating electricity sold to utility companies serving multiple municipalities throughout the Western U.S.

The supply agreement provides for compliant thermal coal mined from America West’s Horizon Mine in Carbon County, Utah to commence shipping immediately, with follow-on coal trains running through the end of December 2014. In addition, the customer has the right to purchase additional coal production over and above the contracted base quantities. Based on pre-determined pricing per ton, the additional tonnage could yield up to another $46 million in revenue to the Company over the contracted supply period.

“America West is pleased to be providing power users in the Western U.S. with a reliable, low cost supply of energy generated from our clean, compliant coal. We’re very proud of our major new customer wins and the tremendous progress we continue to make towards establishing America West as a preferred global source for high quality thermal coal,” stated Dan Baker, Chief Executive Officer of America West.

About America West Resources, Inc.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, America West Resources is an established domestic coal producer focused on the mining of compliant (low-sulfur) coal and its sale primarily to utility companies and industrial customers in the western U.S., China and Europe. The Company operates the Horizon Mine, which has recoverable compliant coal reserves under lease of approximately 12 million tons. For more information, please visit

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