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Metallisation Launches Deflected Flame Spray Extension

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Metallisation has launched a new deflected flame spray extension to fit its MK73 and MK61 flame spray systems. The new extension has been developed as a direct result of customer requests for a system that can apply good quality coatings to difficult access areas.
The new robust Metallisation deflected flame spray extension has been designed specifically for onsite use. It comes in three lengths, 150mm, 300mm and 450mm and can be used with either 3.17mm or 4.76mm wires. The new extension has been designed to use the same consumable spares as the standard Metallisation flame spray pistols.
The extension unit can spray directly forward or at a deflected angle, which can range from 0º to 90º by varying the deflector air pressure. The deflection nozzle can also be rotated through 180º to allow spraying in a 360º arc around the pistol. Initial feedback from customers during the testing phase has been very positive. Customers have said the extension is a worthwhile tool, extremely useful and very easy to use.
Stuart Milton, Sales and Marketing Manager, Metallisation, says: “The initial requests for a system to metal spray difficult access areas were coming from the petro-chemical industry. Before we introduced the new extension the coatings in between pipes had to be applied from a distance or at an angle, which isn’t ideal. Now with the new flexible extension a much higher quality coating can be achieved even in difficult access areas. The new extension can of course be used in all industries where access is confined or surface areas difficult to reach.”
The deflected flame spray extension fits directly to the Metallisation MK73 oxy propane and MK61 oxy-acetylene flame spray pistols. Flame spray coatings form a dense, strongly adherent coating suitable for corrosion protection. Major advantages of the flame spray process are that the coatings are available for almost instant use, with no drying or curing times. In addition, there is no risk of damage from heat distortion.
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