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Total launches new multipupose lubricant range for non-road vehicles

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

TOTAL lubricants has launched a new range of oils, TOTAL Concept TP Star, specifically designed and developed for off road vehicles.
The new range of oils not only offers a one stop solution that provides site transport managers with two oils for all needs, but can also reduce fuel consumption by three per cent and help produce six tonnes[1] less CO₂ emissions per machine per year.
TP Star Max FE 10W-30 and TP STAR TRANS 80W-110, within the new Concept TP range, are multi-purpose oils designed to satisfy the most recent demands of manufacturers and international standards. Not only do these new lubricants meet the industry standards but the range is a further addition to Total’s fuel economy lubricants portfolio – not only contributing to savings in fuel economy but also carbon emissions. For instance, a representative park of five machines (one excavator, two dumpers and two loaders) a saving could be made of 9,300 litres which equates to 25 tonnes less CO₂ emissions.
Phil Hindley, Manager Industrial Lubricants, Total explained: “Total is continually investing in the development of innovative lubricants to meet the evolving requirements of our customers. After years of research and development we are particularly proud to introduce the TOTAL Concept TP Star range of oils to our portfolio.”
Hindley continued: “By utilising this new multipurpose lubricant as opposed to a combination of different lubricants, site transport managers will not only reduce their overall lubricant spend but also drive down their running costs. The Total Concept TP range of oils reduces fuel consumption by three percent and as a result enables businesses to reduce their carbon emissions at the same time.”
· Self adaptive formula: the viscosity adapts to the component lubricated
· Fuel economy formula: reduces CO₂ emissions
· Compatible with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
· Optimised drain intervals
· Gets the equipment operational fast: easier winter starting
· Meets the technical requirements of most equipment manufacturers and the international standards
· New viscosity grade covers all types of applications
· High technology chemical composition giving a wide operating range
· Exceptional resistance to loaded gear pressures and impacts
· Friction performance adapted to ‘immersed brakes’
· Specific “limited slip” additives for limited slip differentials
(Ref 1475)

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