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Eriez Introduce New Equipment at RWM and IFAT 2010

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Optimum separation is a key stage in all applications. Eriez has designed and developed an extensive range of separators utilising magnetic principles, and at RWM, UK (stand 1410, Hall 17) and IFAT, Germany (Stand 500, Hall B3) in September 2010, Eriez will be launching 3 new systems for non ferrous and ferrous metal recovery.
On the exhibition stands at both RWM and IFAT, Eriez will be showcasing their new equipment including the RevX-ETM Eddy Current Separator which is the first Eddy Current Separator from Eriez to have an eccentric magnetic rotor to allow a single point of separation, which is different than the usual concentric design. The RevX-ETM is ideally suited for purifying cullet and plastics, and recovered valuable metal from secondary metals and incineration ash, especially the separation of small particles.
The P-RexTM, a new Permanent Rare Earth XtremeTM Drum Magnet will also be shown which will bring new benefits to scrap processors. The P-RexTM’s powerful permanent magnetic circuit is up to 40% stronger than Electromagnetic Drums and is capable of moving large spherical objects at twice the distance. This new development will give processors the opportunity to separate fragments of electric motors and alternators also containing copper, aluminium and steel that is presently missed.
Along with the RevX-E and P-Rex, there will be the launch of the ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System. The ProSort II which will be present at IFAT includes all the advanced features of the original ProSort, but with twice as many sensors per paddle. The new inverted paddle design means better detection of both larger and smaller metallic’s during processing of shredded automobiles, co-mingled recyclables, electronic scrap and glass cullet as well as many other resource recovery operations.
Also putting in an appearance at the shows will be self cleaning version of the Model CP Suspended Permanent Magnet. Overband Permanent Suspended Magnets are used to protect valuable crushing and screening equipment against tramp metal damage or simply for removing iron from demolition rubble. The Eriez CP Magnet is robust, requires minimal maintenance, is very simple to install and operate and is very versatile. Along with the CP Magnet, Eriez also offer a TP Suspended Permanent Magnet which are more specialised for the removal of long, thin, sharp metals such as nails, ideal for recycled wood applications.
Along with Magnetic Separators and Metal Sorting equipment, Eriez Europe also design and manufacture Metal Detectors to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Installing an Eriez Metal Detector on a conveyor belt system will protect downstream machinery from damage caused by tramp iron on the conveyor. They are easy to install and operate and typically consist of a control unit, search coil and connecting cable. Each coil is custom designed to optimise the sensitivity of the Metal Detector to meet the individual customer needs. At the shows Eriez will have an operational Metalarm 3000 Metal Detector. It will be mounted on a conveyor belt and will demonstrate what the Eriez Metal Detectors are capable of.
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