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ROTEX Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners Help Increase Profitability and Reduce Process Costs

Friday, August 27th, 2010

ROTEX Global, LLC, a global leader in screening technologies, offers a full line of Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners™ designed to accurately separate dry materials at high-production rates. ROTEX® Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners incorporate numerous innovative design features that provide unparalleled performance, ease of operation, and durability. These self-contained production screening machines utilize a unique gyratory-reciprocating motion and a positive screen mesh cleaning system that provide highly accurate separations and greater product yields at higher production rates. Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners are installed in thousands of locations worldwide, operating in a wide range of industries.
Unlike many competing screening machines, ROTEX® Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners impart two separate, distinct screening actions to maximize screening efficiency. The gyratory-reciprocating motion of the near-horizontal screen surface gives undersize material the maximum opportunity to pass through the mesh openings without the loss of near-size material. The motion also produces a continuous mesh cleaning action that prevents the material from lodging in the mesh openings, maximizing screening uptime.
ROTEX® Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners deliver higher yields than traditional screening machines. There is no vertical component to the motion, thus keeping the material in constant contact with the screen. The gyratory motion at the feed end rapidly stratifies the material over the full screening surface, maximizing screen utilization. Aggressive mesh cleaning balls continuously tap the screen surface, preventing screen blinding and further aiding stratification. Thus, a greater amount of undersize particles can quickly pass through the screen. The nearly linear reciprocating motion at the discharge end removes those particles closest in size to the mesh openings while gently conveying the quality material off the screen, ensuring a higher amount of good product is accurately separated into functional product.
Many competing screeners use one screening action to perform blinding and particle separation functions, which can sacrifice the effectiveness of one or both functions. The highly efficient combination of actions utilized by ROTEX® Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners provide extreme sharpness of separation, producing consistent on-spec product without sacrificing yield. The material is exposed to full mesh openings due to a slight incline of the screen deck, ensuring consistently sharp, well-defined separations. Additionally, freedom from blinding enables the Rotex user to choose screens with the exact openings required to achieve the desired separation, resulting in maximum yield of on-spec product.
ROTEX® Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners maximize output with minimal loss of good product, helping to reduce process costs. The circular motion at the feed end immediately spreads material across the screen, causing the fines to sift down against the screen, eliminating tail-over into good product. At the same time, oversize particles are gently conveyed off the screen, minimizing cross-over of quality product into the rejects. This accuracy of separation eliminates the need to discard, reprocess, or find substitute uses for lost product. In addition, the unique Rotex ability to advance or delay material flow at the discharge end allows further fine-tuning to achieve the most efficient and accurate motion for the application.
Screeners can range from one to five screen surfaces, for separations with openings 1/2″ to 325 mesh. Optional floor mounting, cable suspension, and mounting on a structural steel framework are available.
(Ref 1678)

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