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Eurotire Announces – Eurotools

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Eurotire Inc., New York USA – In addition to designing and manufacturing world class OTR tires for the mining industry, Eurotire supports its emerging markets mining customers by bringing new and innovative service approaches and tools to its OTR products line-up. Eurotire’s focus on OTR tires service and support products was launched with EuroCare, the total OTR tire service management program. EuroTools is the next major step in making Eurotire the single source for all of its customer’s OTR tire service and support needs.
EuroTools is a collection of high quality valve hardware and tools specifically created to address the tire support and safety needs of mine site OTR tire maintenance facilities. Eurotire’s Field Engineers travel to some of the most remote mine sites in the world to help those mining customers create OTR tire facilities. They know first-hand how difficult it can be to source crucially needed tools and components to support large OTR tires. Eurotire has taken this information and created EuroTools to address this need and support its global customers.
EuroTools will continue to expand. As new requirements arise around the world Eurotire will find the tools and equipment to address those needs. The result is a comprehensive OTR tire valve and tools solution made available globally through EuroTools.
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