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Trolex Launches New Range of Switching Sensors

Monday, September 6th, 2010

As the leading manufacturer of sensors for hazardous areas and mining safety, Trolex has launched its new range of switching sensors for non-contact position detection and limit switching in heavy-duty applications.
Designed to meet Trolex’s high standards, the switching sensors are classified as passive devices, enabling direct connection to existing intrinsically safe circuits or Trolex monitoring equipment.
The sensors effectively monitor using simple switching and digital sensors in instances that do not demand expensive analogue sensors.
The new range consists of a number of basic switches for non-contact position detection and limit switching including the versatile TX1004 heavy-duty Magnetic Proximity Switch which has a large operating distance, choice of operating magnets and allows for positioning, counting and proving on machines and haulages. The isolated magnetic reed output contacts mean no power supply is necessary and the integral terminal box with larger terminals mean the switch is robust and protected against dust and water to IP57. The switch is compatible with the TX1080 operating magnet and provides a choice of either 1 or 2 galvanically isolated output contacts with an operating distance of 60mm nominal with a TX1080 magnet.
Also in the new range is the TX5533 Ferro Proximity Switch, a heavy-duty switch actuated by a ferrous metal object with a single galvanically isolated output contact. The TX5533 detects the position of moving machinery metal components for positioning and counting for example machines, haulages, vehicles, rolling stock and brakes.
The TX5534, also for heavy-duty application, is a Bistable Proximity Switch that is sensitive to the direction of movement of the TX1080 operating magnet. The single gavanically isolated contact sets as the magnet passes and resets as the magnet returns, for application in vehicle counting and zoning, machine ultimate limit and overtravel detection.
The TX5535 Inductive Proximity Sensor responds to the presence of any metal actuator with a standard solid state NAMUR configuration output. The sensor will interface directly with all the Trolex range of monitoring devices and has a precision limit detector for counting and speed monitoring of toothed wheels.
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