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Hunno Coal: Development and Exploration Update

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Hunno Coal is very pleased to announce an update on the company’s ongoing drilling and development programmes which include the Tsant Uul Coking Coal Project, the Unst Khudag Thermal Coal Mine and the Tenuun-2 Coal Project.
– Aggressive drilling programmes with the aim of generating initial JORC resources and further coal test work are well advanced.
The Company has now completed a total of 106 drill holes for 11,808 metres of drilling.
– A total of eleven drilling rigs are currently operating across the Company’s projects in the Middle and South Gobi Coal Provinces.
– Four drilling rigs are operating at the Unst Khudag Coal Mine and its surrounding exploration licensed areas (Har Toirom-1 and Har Toirom-2 Discoveries).
– Five drilling rigs are operating at the Tsant Uul Coking Coal Project.
Two drilling rigs are operating at the Tenuun-2 Coal Project.
– Drilling programmes have been highly successful with major extensions and discoveries at both the Tsant Uul Coking Coal Project and the Unst Khudag Coal Mine.
Hunnu Coal is aiming to become a major force in the exploration and development of coking and thermal coal deposits in the world class South Gobi and Middle Gobi Coal Provinces. The Company has set a timetable of developing three coal mines in Mongolia within the next four years.
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