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New compact washing plant for Wakoz Beton in Poland

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Wakoz Beton are the proud new owners of the first M2500 mobile washing plant to be installed in Poland. The M2500 was launched to the global market at Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany earlier this year and Wakoz Beton have specified the new system in combination with an Aquacycle thickener to enable them to meet a growing demand for washed sand and aggregates in the Gdansk area.
Wakoz Beton are an existing customer of CDE Global and had operated an Evowash sand washing plant at the site for over twelve months before purchasing the new plant. Previous to this the company had been dry screening their material and they decided that the introduction of washing to their site would significantly improve the quality of material they were able to produce.
“The performance of the Evowash sand washing plant from CDE proved their capability in the production of high quality sand products and the decision to upgrade the washing plant to the new set up is a response to a growing demand for our washed products” explains Mr Ireneusz Wicki, Chairman of Wakoz Beton.
The decision to upgrade the existing sand washing plant to a full washing plant incorporating a feeding, screening, washing and stockpiling system was not a simple one due to the lack of available water at the site. With this in mind CDE sales manager in Poland, Mr Roman Gorski opened discussions with the client about the introduction of the Aquacycle thickener system which allows operators an efficient means of recycling up to 90% of the water used in the washing process.
Following detailed discussions and several visits to other sites around Europe where the Aquacycle was in operation, Mr Wicki agreed that the introduction of the Aquacycle thickener and the M2500 would help the company achieve the required product quality while also effectively dealing with the shortage of water at the site.
The M2500 incorporates a feed hopper with a capacity of 9m3 and feed conveyor which delivers material to the integrated Prograde P2-75 double deck rinsing screen. From here material is sent to the on board Evowash sand washing plant. Material is stockpiled via the four integrated stockpile conveyors and total plant capacity is 250 tons per hour with a washed sand capacity of 120 tons per hour.
With this new system Wakoz Beton are producing 4 washed products – 0-2mm fine sand, 2-8mm grit, 8-16mm aggregate and a +16mm aggregate. These products are subsequently being used in the concrete plants operated by Wakoz Beton which are supplying material to a variety of projects in the region, the most significant of these being the construction of a new ring road to the south of Gdansk.
Not only is the M2500 the first installation of this new washing plant in Poland but the project also represents the first time that the Aquacycle thickener has been specified on a Polish project.
The core function of the Aquacycle thickener is to reduce the volume of fresh water required to feed the washing plant by up to 90% but additional advantages include increased health and safety on site as a result of a reduced requirement for on site settling ponds and significant reductions in operational costs due to a reduced requirement for the cleaning and maintenance of these ponds.
The Aquacycle functions by dosing waste water with a small amount of polyelectrolyte which forces to fine particles in the waste water to settle to the bottom of the circular thickener tank. The clean water then overflows a weir at the edge of the tank and is stored in the Aquastore water storage and pumping system before being re-circulated around the washing plant.
The waste sludge is subsequently automatically discharged from the Aquacycle thickener to a much smaller sludge management area of the site than would have been the case had the Aquacycle not been specified. “The M2500 and Aquacycle thickener combination is proving very popular throughout Europe” says Roman Gorski of CDE who explains that there are similar plants to that which Wakoz have specified in Ireland, England, Germany and Australia at present.
“We expect this combination of equipment to continue to establish itself as the most efficient means of producing high quality washed sand and aggregate products while also significantly reducing the water required to feed the plant through the introduction of recycling through the Aquacycle.”
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