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New CD Series of Torque Wrenches from Tentec – Robust Yet Refined for Accuracy and Ease of Use

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Tentec is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative range of low profile, direct drive hydraulic torque wrenches. Developed for a host of applications throughout industry, the CD Series of versatile tools incorporates a unique non-circular drive piston that gives the wrenches their slim profile, enabling engineers to reach those awkward, restricted bolts.
Although these new wrenches display a low profile cylinder and cassette width, they are extremely robust, being manufactured from high grade, high strength aircraft alloy.
Built by engineers, for engineers, this range of torque wrenches offers versatility, reliability and speed of use. Each wrench in the series can not only be fitted with a range of cassettes to suit differing hexagon nut sizes, but each cassette is attached to the cylinder by a single, high-strength locking pin. This means that no special tools are required and the changeover for different nut sizes is quick and easy. A considerable advantage when time is money.
For further versatility, the dual hoses can act independently, offering full 360º x 360º manipulation and quick connect, non-drip threadless safety couplers are an integral part of the tools to ensure “one way only” connections. This avoids the common problem in competitors’ products of incorrect hose assembly. For added convenience, a useful pressure/torque chart has been etched onto the nose of the tool.
Tentec offer purpose designed Air Driven and Electric Driven torque pumps to ensure optimum performance of the CD torque wrenches. Other optional extras include a rugged and ergonomically designed handle and a PE/PA Quad Kit that allows up to four CD wrenches to be linked together.
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