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There was commenced a new face at Koksovaya mine – a new asset purchased by OAO Raspadskaya in April 2010

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

ОАО Raspadskaya (RTS, MICEX: RASP) informs of commencement of a new face at Koksovaya mine.
According to the development program of mining works, Raspadskaya put into operation a new face 0‐4‐4 bis with resources of 780 kt of coking coal. Production volumes of the face are expected to be 60‐80 kt per month.
The face is equipped with the powered machine KM‐142, mining combine KSW‐500, conveyor Anzhera‐34, reloading machine PSP‐308. Raw coal is delivered by belt conveyors and reloading machines. Mine workings are equipped with suspended monorail. Mine workers, materials and equipment are delivered to the work place by diesel‐powered vehicles DZ‐1500 by Sharf.
Ground mobile degassing station was put into operation on the production site of the ventilation shaft of the mine to provide safety of mining works. Currently, degassing process on the face is conducted by several methods: preliminary seam degassing, degassing of adjacent seam and degassing of waste.

Gennady Kozovoy, Raspadskaya’s CEO, commented:
“More than a year Koksovaya mine did not operate. Since start of operations as a part of the Company on 28 April 2010 a lot of major changes took place at the enterprise. In 2011, total production volumes of valuable coal grade from Koksovaya and Raspadskaya‐Koksovaya mines will amount to around 1 mt”.
Resources of ZAO “Koksovaya” amount to approximately 151.2 mt of K and KO grades (hard coking coal under international classification). Koksovaya mine is developing the same coal seams as Raspadskaya‐Koksovaya because both mines are located in neighboring subsoil areas – Coal Deposit #1 and Coal Deposit #2 of Olzherasskoe coalfield in Mezhdurechensk. Prospective development of Koksovaya mine cannot be considered separately from Raspadskaya‐Koksovaya because both subsoil areas of the integrated coal deposit will be developed under the most optimal mining plan that implies a consecutive mining of upper seams ready for extraction by using infrastructure of Raspadskaya – Koksovaya mine. In future, Koksovaya and Raspadskaya – Koksovaya mines are planned to be merged.
(Ref 1928)

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