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Apollo’s Stage 2 Drilling Program to Commence at Mount Oscar

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Apollo has obtained all of the approvals required for the Stage 2 drilling program at its Mount Oscar project (100% Apollo) and work has commenced on the implementation of the planned work.
The heritage survey over the access track and drill sites was completed in cooperation with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation. Clearance to proceed with the planned drilling program was granted in September 2010.
The Program of Work (POW) to undertake the drilling has been approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum following the lodgement of the required security bond.
Contractors have been engaged to complete the track and drill pad construction work- this is to be completed in late October 2010.
A drilling contractor has been engaged to commence work in early November. The work is scheduled for completion in the first half of November 2010.

Key Points:
• Mount Oscar Magnetite Project Stage 2 drilling program on Banded Iron Formation (BIF) Unit A on schedule to commence early November 2010.
• Key approvals, including government for drilling obtained.
• Further metallurgical and processing test work on BIF Unit A samples to be undertaken in Q4 2010.
(Ref 1988)

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