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CEMEX UK wins top industry health & safety awards

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Building materials company CEMEX UK has secured two top awards at the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Health & Safety Awards 2010. In competition with a record 347 entries, CEMEX UK was presented with a Special Award for the dedication by some 40 of its employees to promote cycling safety across the country, whilst CEMEX’s Liverpool Local Asphalt Plant also secured the Blue Circle Trophy Award for its innovative approach to creating greater safety awareness amongst small load contractors who collect from the site.
A further 17 of the company’s entries were Highly Commended or received Certificates of Merit, and of the 20 individuals recognised for their contribution to the mineral products industry, 10 were from CEMEX and acknowledged for their work in promoting best health and safety practice, including cycling safety. In addition to instigating extensive driver training and additional features to vehicles to help drivers become more aware of cyclists, the company has partnered with a number of police forces, local authorities and cycling organisations to provide safe cycling instruction to cyclists from inside the cab of CEMEX’s large good vehicles.
In the past 12 months, CEMEX has supported around 40 cycling safety events, ranging from National Bike Week and Metropolitan Police ‘Exchanging Places Cycling Safety’ initiatives to the Liverpool to Chester Bike Race, the Rugby Fun Run, London’s Cycling Super Highways launch and various community events. The company has also distributed cycling safety leaflets to more than 3000 pupils as part of their cycling proficiency education.
Vice President of CEMEX’s Readymix and Mortars division, Chris Leese, is Chair of the MPA Health and Safety Committee. He said: “We must congratulate everyone from CEMEX who has been involved in the many worthwhile projects and initiatives which help to raise the health and safety standards in our work place and on this occasion, received recognition for their hard work. We must continue to vigilant and aim to achieve ‘Zero Harm’.”
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