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Lafarge goes Extra Mile in Road Safety Mirror Measure

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

LAFARGE is leading the way in road safety by fitting front blind spot mirrors to its haulage fleet.
UK legislation requires all new vehicles to have these mirrors, designed to allow drivers to see below them right at the front of the truck.
While there is no legal requirement to have older models retrofitted, transport bosses at Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK decided the move made sense from a safety perspective.
Around 250 aggregate and asphalt trucks were retrofitted, with Lafarge liaising closely with hauliers to ensure a speedy and efficient turnaround.
Tony Plant, Lafarge Fleet Operations Manager, said:
“The process went really well and everyone bought into the idea because it is a step forward in terms of road safety.
“There have been issues in the past where accidents have occurred with pedestrians stepping out in front of a truck and the driver not being able to see them.
“This mirror eliminates that blind spot.”
The company, which has its head office in Syston, Leicestershire, is proud of its commitment to health and safety and is the only building materials supplier to have called for a retrofit.
It is also the only firm to carry out regular, in-depth face-to-face induction meetings with its sub-contract hauliers to review performance, raise health and safety awareness, consider training and competencies and measure standards.
Each haulier receives a score, from one to five, with a minimum of three required to operate for Lafarge.
They also receive an improvement plan highlighting areas which need work.
Tony said:
“It is all about raising awareness and raising standards. And if there are areas where hauliers fall short we try and help them improve by offering advice and guidance.
“The inductions really laid the groundwork for our mirror retrofit campaign as we were focusing on the benefits from a road safety point of view.
“And I have to commend all our hauliers because they were all positive about the move and ensured their trucks were adapted within our timeframe.”
Dave Hull, owner-driver at DMH Transport, was one of the hauliers who took part in the retrofit.
He said:
“The new mirror is good because now you can see down directly in front of the truck. Previously you wouldn’t have been able to see that area unless you stood up in the cab and leaned over.
“It’s a major benefit for us drivers because there are instances where pedestrians cross in front of you.
“It’s made a big difference to our overall visibility range and I think the retrofit was a very good idea. I was happy to take part.”
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