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Voith Offers Independent and Highly Dynamic Linear Axis

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

With the hydraulic CLDP (Closed Loop Differential Pump) linear axis, the Rutesheim-based hydraulics specialist Voith Turbo H + L Hydraulic is setting new standards: the linear drive is compact, highly dynamic and precise. Additionally, it offers customers the full range of benefits offered by a hydraulic systems solution. These include overload protection, high power density and virtually wear-free operation. Thanks to an integrated servo pump, the energy efficiency is significantly higher than that of conventional solutions.
The design of the linear drive is fairly simple. At its heart is an integrated servo pump, consisting of servo motor and internal gear pump. Its displacement is optimally adapted to the surfaces of a differential cylinder. This is added by an intelligent control system with field bus connection, pressure protection and a small compensation tank. Other components, for example complex valve technology or a hydraulic unit with associated pipes, are no longer necessary.
The compact design and the closed oil circuit allow easy systems integration. The onboard intelligence ensures high flexibility during operation. Possible applications are the quick handling of work pieces or machines for bending, separating and forming processes. In general, the Voith CLDP can be used for all direct linear movements – especially when the application calls for dynamics, reproducibility, overload protection and reliability.
The CLDP can be easily integrated into new or existing plants. All that is required is a power connection for the servo motor. Costs for commissioning, training and maintenance are very low. Attractive aspects for plant operators are increases in productivity due to the speed of the drive, as well as higher operating safety thanks to the automatic overload protection.
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