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The new Voith TurboGuide: Keeping an overview of all constant-fill fluid couplings online at the same time and efficiently organizing maintenance processes

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

  • The newly developed website offers a management system for Voith fluid couplings and significantly reduces the handling effort.
  • The integrated traffic light system facilitates maintenance planning and helps to minimize costly production downtimes.
  • All relevant information such as coupling fill is securely stored in a database and made available to the user in a clear and structured manner.

Whether assembly instructions, information about nominal fill volumes, tutorials for fill level checks, or scheduling overviews for maintenance planning – the TurboGuide online platform developed by Voith simplifies management and operation of fluid couplings. The online tool offers a central database from which all important information and technical data regarding a coupling can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Thanks to their hydrodynamic operating principle, fluid couplings from Voith have been keeping drive systems for mining and raw materials processing operations safe from damage for many years and have minimized costly production downtimes. So that customers can always rely on the functionality of their fluid coupling, Voith has developed the online-based TurboGuide platform. This new online tool makes it possible to precisely schedule upcoming maintenance work. Unscheduled downtimes are thus substantially reduced and scheduled downtimes significantly shortened.

Apart from basic data such as serial number, size, type, and fill volume of the coupling, TurboGuide also offers the option to safely document and access drive-related data such as output, speed, installation location and date of commissioning. The tool uses this information to calculate the current technical condition of the coupling and displays it by means of a traffic light system in green, yellow and red. This means that it is easier for service and maintenance personnel to schedule the next maintenance appointment and they can effortlessly initiate the necessary steps at an early stage. To ensure that maintenance work is always carried out in time, TurboGuide also features a notification function that sends out an automated email as a reminder for upcoming appointments.

But TurboGuide is more than just a tool to increase the efficiency of maintenance work. The platform offers users comprehensive support in managing their fluid couplings, especially if the application location changes. In this case, the integrated “filling generator” helps the user to calculate the required fluid volume. After entering the new operating parameters, such as a change in engine output, the software calculates the corresponding fill volume with just one click and saves it in the database.

TurboGuide also offers support for topping up hydrodynamic couplings with constant fill: Using well illustrated tutorials, the system explains how the topping up process works, what should be taken into consideration, and how to check the fill volume. Installation quick guides, manuals, additional animations, and tips for the efficient operation of the coupling complete the service section of the platform.

In addition, TurboGuide is a website where all important information regarding the coupling is documented and constantly updated. It makes this data available to the user anywhere and anytime. Complicated and time consuming searches through files are now a thing of the past.

The initial registration of a new fluid coupling is extremely simple and self-explanatory: Each newly delivered fluid coupling is marked with a unique QR code. If the registered user scans in this code with their mobile device, the coupling automatically appears in the dashboard of TurboGuide. Even without a QR code, already commissioned couplings can be registered using their serial number, size, and type.

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