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A path forward for the future of Australia’s battery minerals industry

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Today the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies published The Path Forward: Supporting the development of a lithium and battery mineral industry in Australia (link here).

This document outlines the next steps for the State and Federal Government to grasp the battery mineral processing and manufacturing opportunity.  It follows the Future Smart Strategies Report commissioned by AMEC’s members that outlined a lithium value chain valued at over $2 trillion by 2025 (link here).

Western Australia mines 60% of the world’s lithium and produces all of the other minerals necessary to construct batteries.  This creates a genuine opportunity for Australia, and for Western Australia.

The Path Forward outlines recommendations for the Federal and State Government to work with Industry, and each other, to deliver in six key areas:

  1. Leadership;
  2. Investment Attraction;
  3. Planning and Coordination;
  4. State Agreements;
  5. Financial Incentives;
  6. Research.

“There is a two-year window for industry and both tiers of Government to act, this plan steps through what needs to be done to get further down the value chain,” said Warren Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies.

“There is a clear need for both tiers of Government to provide leadership in the development of a domestic battery industry.”

“A clear signal from Government has to be sent to attract investment to Australia.”

“There must be a willingness to clearly plan and coordinate where a battery industry would be located and deliberate efforts made to entice international companies to come and set up in Australia.”

“These companies hold the necessary patented technologies that we need to move down the value chain.”

“The need for research was recognised in the recent WA State Budget, but it must be a priority.”

“Government has a clear choice to make if they want Australia to get further down the battery minerals value chain.  This document outlines what we have to do to get there.”

“If Government and Industry get this right, we can expand Australia’s share of a $2 trillion value chain.  This will lead to more jobs, revenues and opportunities for Australia,” said Mr Pearce.
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