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MINEX Europe 2019

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Start date: 25/06/2019
End date: 27/06/2019
Event link: https://www.minexeurope.com/2019/

Key themes of the Forum

• The future of sustainable raw materials supply for European markets.
• The electrification revolution: opportunities for building energy metals capacity to satisfy future demand.
• The development of responsible mining policy frameworks to reduce environmental footprint of mining and post-mining activities.
• New generations of waste and water management solutions for mining.
• Smarter greenfield and brownfield exploration as the key for unlocking mineral potential.
• The challenge of digital and sustainable transformation in the mining industry.
• Creating sustainable intelligent mining systems.
• Improving production efficiency through real-time information.
• Case studies and breakthrough technologies that have potential to scale in the European mining market.
• The investment potential of the development of junior exploration in the Balkans and beyond.
• Research and innovation as an enabler for the future of sustainable raw materials supply.
• The nexus between industry, academia and research: competence building and new skills requirements.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

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