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Underground Channel Sampling Delivers 20.4 meters grading 18.9 g/t Au & 33 g/t Ag (16.7 meters true width)

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Bluestone Resources Inc. (TSXV: BSR) (OTCQB: BBSRF) (“Bluestone” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce channel sampling results taken across high-grade veins exposed in a recently opened cross-cut located in the North Zone of the Cerro Blanco underground workings. The samples were taken as horizontal channels perpendicular to the strike of the veins.

Cross-cut N734 was sealed off by the previous operator in 2015, but Bluestone recently re-opened and restored the initial 50 meters of tunnel as part of the Company’s successful ongoing exploration and underground development program. Channel sampling of both walls returned the following high-grade assays:

South Wall – 20.4 meters grading 18.9 g/t Au and 33 g/t Ag (est. true width 16.7 meters)

North Wall – 19.9 meters grading 17.1 g/t Au and 23 g/t Ag (est. true width 16.9 meters)

David Cass, Vice President of Exploration commented, “The successful re-opening of this exploration drive has permitted sampling of several key veins within the upper portion of the Cerro Blanco resource and helped validate their importance within the current resource model. These impressive high-grade assays are consistent with our sampling early last year of the same veins lower down in the main decline of the North Ramp some 50 meters away. The continuity and consistency of vein widths and grades is striking and supports our observations from the ongoing infill resource conversion drilling as we continue to advance our knowledge of the Cerro Blanco orebody and de-risk the project.”

A summary of results is shown in Table 1 below. A full set of individual assays, plans and photos showing the location of samples can be accessed here.

Table 1. Channel Sample Results

Sample # Sample
Width (m)
Width (m)
Au g/t Ag g/t Vein ID
RCB-3655 1.0 1.0 9.8 15.9 VN-02
RCB 3570,3656 1.9 1.9 4.8 24.8 NEW
RCB 3657 1.0 1.0 16.7 19.6 VN-03
RCB 3599-3609 7.5 7.0 19.4 25.2 VN_05
inc. 1.9 1.8 38.7 39.6
RCB 3612-13 2.0 1.8 6.9 16.9 VN_06
RCB 3615-24 8.4 8.0 26.7 53 VN_07
inc. 1.3 1.2 98.8 197
20.4 16.7 18.9 33.2 VN_05,06,07


Sample # Sample
Width (m)
Width (m)
Au g/t Ag g/t Vein ID
RCB 3596 1.0 1.0 13.5 32.8 VN_02
RCB3594 1.0 1.0 49.8 227 VN_03
RCB 3625-32 7.8 7.3 21.0 25.8 VN_05
inc. 1.8 1.7 52.3 48.1
RCB 3635-36 2.3 2.2 5.1 15.3 VN_06
RCB-3638-46 7.9 7.5 20.7 26.9 VN_07
inc. 1.3 1.2 77.2 63.6
19.9 16.9 17.1 23 VN_05,06,07


A total of 47 samples were taken with a portable rock saw across exposures of five key veins VN-02, 03, 05, 06, and 07 as continuous channels approximately two inches wide and one inch deep. Individual sample widths ranged from 0.5 meter to 1.4 meters. Veins are parallel and dip between 60 to 65 degrees and consist of banded chalcedony quartz-adularia veins hosted within red siltstones. Assay results are in line with those previously reported from exposures of the same veins in the North Ramp (see Company press releases January 23, 2018 and April 9, 2018).

Sampling of the underground workings at Cerro Blanco continues to play a key role in identification of high-grade veins and in the validation of the geological model within and outside of the current resource envelope. Several additional veins are known to occur further east along the same cross-cut and will be sampled as rehabilitation of the cross-cut progresses.

Precious metal mineralization at Cerro Blanco is associated with classic low sulphidation adularia-sericite epithermal quartz veins and vein swarms hosted in altered sequence of volcanoclastic and sedimentary rocks. Higher grades (>20 g/t Au and >60 g/t Ag) are associated with visible gold and silver sulphides in ginguro-style colloform-banded veins.
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