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Jinhui Mining Industry won the “first National Green Mine Outstanding contribution Award” at the 2020 Green Mine Annual meeting and the first Green Mine Outstanding contribution Award. Jinhui Mining Deputy General Manager, Academician expert Workstation Core member, National Science and Technology Progress Award winner, National Labor Model Professor Xiao Yun won the first Green Mine Outstanding contribution Award (individual).

At the meeting, as a model and benchmark of national green mines, Jinhui Mining was invited to make an exchange speech entitled “concept leading Green Development Science and Technology Innovation Ecological Mine” at the “Green Mine Construction Forum”. For a long time, Jinhui Mining has always adhered to the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing”, conscientiously implemented the concept that “green water and green mountain is Jinshan Silver Mountain”, honed and forged ahead for a long time, and selected Lanzhou Nonferrous Metallurgical Design and Research Institute and set up a development and design team in the early stage of mine construction. Has been to Japan, Canada, Australia and more than 20 domestic well-known mines and related equipment manufacturers inspection and study. On the basis of using advanced experience for reference, the goal of building “ecotype, environmental protection, safety, tourism and digitization” green mine is established, and the concept of green development runs through the whole process of resource development, overall planning and scientific layout. From the aspects of design, construction, equipment selection, mining and selection technology, it has attracted attention at home and abroad. It has completely changed the development mode of mining industry and set up a new image of contemporary mining industry.

The Green Mine Outstanding contribution Award is a new award for green mine construction approved by the National Award Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology and supported by the government, and it is also a national award specially established for the construction of green mines in China. The Green Mine Outstanding contribution Award is mainly awarded to units or individuals who can lead the progress of the industry, set up industry benchmarking, innovate the construction model, formulate construction standards, promote the development of disciplines, and show the image of the industry in the process of green mine construction and green mining development. And has been widely recognized by the domestic industry to make significant contributions to the unit or individual. The selection of the award is organized by the Zhongguancun Green Mining Industry Alliance, recommended and supported by natural resources departments, central enterprises, universities and trade associations, combined with mining groups, regional characteristics and types of minerals. After strict examination by experts, the final evaluation. In the process of selection and selection, the award has aroused enthusiastic repercussions in all sectors of the society.