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The surge in the gold market since last year has brought more opportunities for the gold mining industry.

The gold market rose about 18 per cent in 2019, and gold prices have continued to rise this year, breaking through the $1600 / oz mark and hitting a new seven-year high.

At a time of low global interest rates and constant geopolitical risks, the gold of safe haven assets is expected to continue to be boosted.

As of the third quarter of 2019, the (AISC) average maintenance cost of the world’s major miners was $934 / oz, a significant gap from the spot gold price.

In this case, gold producers are also in good shape, such as Barrick Gold cash flow of $502 million in the third quarter of last year, up from $55 million in the previous second quarter.

Gold production has been rising in recent years, and speculation has been emerging that it has peaked.

The average life expectancy of gold mines around the world fell from 16 years in 2012 to 11 years in 2018, according to the data.

In addition, high-quality gold deposits are being found less and less.

If gold production falls, the gold market will be further boosted.