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The company will now undertake work in the Alotta hinterland and wider Alotta, Delphi and Zullo claim area.

Chase Mining Corporation Ltd - Chase Mining hits high-grade nickel-copper-PGE in Alotta diamond drilling

Massive sulphide at 64 metres in ZA-20-04 with mineralised gabbro containing massive chalcopyrite

Chase Mining Corporation Ltd has received high-grade nickel-copper-PGE results from recently completed diamond drilling which enhance the potential of the Alotta Project in southwest Quebec, Canada.

One hole, ZA-20-04, returned 27.5 metres at 1.19% nickel, 1.6% copper, 5 g/t silver and 1.5 g/t platinum group elements (PGE) from 48.5 metres.

This included 17 metres at 1.67% nickel, 2.12% copper, 5 g/t silver and 1.9 g/t PGE from 48.5 metres as well as 8.5 metres at 2.05% nickel, 2.1% copper, 4 g/t silver and 2.3 g/t PGE from 56 metres.

Another hole, ZA-20-05, returned 12.5 metres at 1.55% nickel, 1.90% copper, 15.4 g/t silver and 2.5 g/t PGE from 76.2 metres, including 6.9 metres at 2.46% nickel, 2.48% copper, 24.5 g/t silver and 4.9 g/t PGE from 81.8 metres.