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Syrah restarts operations in Mozambique

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

Graphite miner Syrah Resources has initiated a restart of operations at its Balama project, in Mozambique, after illegal industrial action by a small contingent of local employees and contractors halted production in September.

Syrah told shareholders on Tuesday that the company had consulted with the relevant government authorities, which had endorsed the company level agreement renewal process with the Internal Union Committee, as the correct process for matters regarding employment conditions.

Syrah said that it fully supported the rights of employees and contractors to collectively organise under Mozambican labour law, and was focused on preserving its strong relationship with employees, making a positive impact in its communities and working constructively with the union and the Mozambique government.

Mozambique government authorities have committed to ensuring that illegal industrial action is not permitted to interrupt Balama operations. 

Balama has operated on a campaign basis during 2022, and production may temporarily halt owing to maintenance, inventory positions, product shipping constraints and other planned or unplanned factors.

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